Our west country heroes have had more than their fair share of adventures during their  musical endeavors over the past thirty odd years, here's a      little insight into the places,  people and situations the lads have encountered in their various guises through the decades.

Soon after meeting in the very late seventies the band played Universities and Poly's from the  tip of Cornwall to the black country and also venturing  up  the welsh valleys before it was off  to West Germany in the summer of 1981 on a tour promoting their first self made vinyl  single.  Recorded at  Crescent  Studios in Bath, home of Tears for Fears and the Corgi's and  frequented by the likes of Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, who on his way out  from a session  gave the lads a cheery good morning as they arrived.The single was engineered and co-  produced by Glen Tommy.The record was soon  getting the band  interviews and airplay on local  radio as well as a play by the main man at Radio 1, Mr Jon Peel!. Shortly after that it was  all  aboard  an old converted 52  seater coach through France and Belgium to West Germany.  The  'tour bus' was complete with bunks, kitchen and cider storage!.  Great fun was had  taking in  beer festivals up through the Rhine and Mosel valley's as they performed at the  american air force bases across the  country, including       Rhein  mein,  Kaiserslautern, Fishbach,  Darmstadt and Spangdalem to mention a few. Broken limbs,  concussions, a large electric shock and one burst        coach tyre on the autobahn all made it more of an adventure for sure!.

After a safe return there was more recording and touring of Great Britain including lots of  support slots with the likes of The Cuban Heels, Adam and The  Ants and a very memorable night at Weymouth art college supporting The Steve Gibbons Band, who at the time were riding  high in the charts with  'Tulane'. Mr Gibbons stood in the wings for the whole of the lad’s set  and encouraged them on to a third encore! What a great guy and not something    you see a  chart topping act doing for an up and coming band of teenage rebel rousers !!.

 In the autumn of 1985 our band of merry men were asked to perform at Ashton court mansion for the cast and crew of the HTV produced hit series   'Robin of Sherwood', lots of which was filmed on location in Leigh Woods on the edge of Bristol.

 This was the second season end of filming wrap party, a charity ball and blow out for the new  'Robin', Jason Connery, son of the legendary  Sean  Connery, who had replaced Michael Praed  as Robin in series one, along with many other fine actors including Phil Rose (Friar Tuck), Judi  Trott (Maid  Marion),     Clive  Mantle (Little John) and big screen hard man Ray Winstone who  played Will Scarlet, Robin's rebellious brother.

 Connery was the life and soul of the party, always the first on the dance floor when the band  struck  up, and in their breaks the band were more than  happy to spend time at the bar with  Ray Winstone , having a pint and enjoying anecdotes from the quietly spoken tough nut, soon  to become one of    England's finest character actors.

It proved to be a most successful and enjoyable evening for both the band and audience and  led to the  band being booked for another fantastic  knees- up; the birthday party of Dominic  Dromgoole, son of   Patrick Dromgoole who produced  'Robin of Sherwood'.

 This took place at Mr Dromgoole's private estate, just outside of Bristol, yet again the lads  enjoyed the  company of some up and coming and already  known thespians and in typical  'Twerzels' style ended up   in the swimming pool fully attired, with the rest of the somewhat tiddly entourage!          Another great night had by all, Oooh Ahh!!

In the early hours of the morning after a riotous evening at a young farmers college near  Gloucester the lads  were on their way back home on the M5. Tired and rather hungry it was  deemed a good idea to stop off at the  services for breakfast. When entering the cafeteria the  place seemed berefit  of customers apart from three  very attractive ladies standing at the hot  food counter with trays in hand.This very stylish trio happened to be  The Three Degrees, a  very popular TV and recording vocal act at the time. As the boys approached it was all  beaming  smiles from the dusky beauties until rather abruptly the atmosphere turned rather more chilly,  on reaching the counter one of our hapless heroes pipes up "look boys, its The Supreme's!" Well,  needless to  say the grand announcement didn't go down too well and was followed by lots of red  faces and shuffling of  feet from the other band members at this rather large faux pas !!.

Both parties then retired to opposite ends of the room to enjoy their fry-ups, (yes, the girls had the full Monty surprisingly!)

After a good feed it was deemed yet another good idea to try and make a mends for the earlier  'foot in mouth' mistake.

As the ladies had to pass the band again on their way out it was decided that offering them one  of the bands  latest singles would be a nice gesture,  the record was graciously excepted but  with much gritting of the teeth,  not so much a smile especially when the offer of signing it for  them came around!.

Ah well, it just goes to show, you can't please all the people all the time, even though the welly  boot should  have been on the other foot !!.

     THE METEORIC RISE OF THE                   TWERZELS